Brewing CRAFT beer has never been this simple

Brew-IT is working on the beer cubes that will be offering the best craft beers in the world to our customers by making home brewing accessible to everyone. Beer made directly in your favorite microbrewery from the world can reproduce any of their best recipes.

Enjoy any fresh craft pint!

Our device reproduces  your beer from any microbrewery without human interaction. 

“Reproduce any beer at home, with the same quality and the simplicity of a coffee maker.”

Their concept is awesome. Their systems would allow me to reproduce an Hong Kong Bastard Imperial IPA.
Christopher Genest
Marketing director, Montreal


Simplest beer making device on the market.

Generating the best beer available on the market for the craft beer drinkers. 


Sleek innovative design

Home decor appliance


Unlocking access to any beer worldwide.

Initially made directly in the microbrewery.

Served at the perfect temperature for for each beer inside the cube. 

Automated control of all processes ensuring the enhanced process quality.

About us

We’re a young startup from Shawinigan,
Québec (CANADA).

We got the idea of the concept when we tried to brew our own beer. We realized pretty soon how much time it took and how complex and knowledge intensive it was. And let’s be honest, the taste of the beer wasn’t especially good. We then decided to build a device where the user only had to put the ingredients and press the start button.

At brew-it, we want to make home brewing accessible to everyone. We’ve put all the complexities aside, you only have to enjoy the fun and easy part of it,
with a guaranteed result.

Local 212 | 1250 Avenue de la Station, Shawinigan, QC G9N 8K9